Your question has probably been answered in the Frequently asked questions below, If not please contact us on [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

The organisers of the end to end events are husband and wife team Tori Robinson and Nathan Flear. Tori is the race director for the St illtyds Ultra Marathon in Wales and Nathan is a GB 24 hour athlete and running coach. Together they set up the events to help people stay motivated and focused during the craziness in the world.

Don’t worry paypal let’s you checkout as a guest, when you click pay with paypal and are redirected to paypal please click “Create and account”. Don’t worry it won’t create an account the next page allows you to check out as a guest. If you are in a country that paypal does not allow this please let us know and we will help find an alternative payment option for you.

The system only accepts miles so you would need to convert this to miles, you can do this by googling km to miles. You may send your proof in KMs

No problem that is great! Just choose this option at the checkout. We have 2 options for this: we can plant a tree instead or you can donate it Charity.

The measurements are 1 side only, not all the way round the chest, as shown in the image.

The bib is blank and is editable so you can input your details onto the bib. If you are having trouble no worries please email the lovely Milo at [email protected] and if you ask super nice he will do it for you.

Your bib number is your order number on paypal, you should have received an email your order is processing which has your order number on. If you haven’t received any of these please let us know and we will find your bib number, or you can search your name on the map to find this.

You can upload your evidence on the map page of the event. If you have more than one image you can email us on [email protected] each week/ month with your evidence. If you join the Strava group, change settings to “show to everyone”, then you don’t need to upload evidence but you do need to submit your mileage on the map.

Only our Route 66 challenge can be cycled as well as walked and/or run.
All other events are for walking and/or running only.

Yes just screenshot your mileage and submit it.

Yes this is no problem, We want to encourage people to keep active as much as possible! We also understand that some people are unable to run due to injury or disability and counting steps is the only way to stay active so we fully support this.

Anything that tracks your daily mileage, you can send a link to your profile or a screenshot of your daily, weekly, monthly mileage.

Yes please join here if you have signed up for a challenge

No problem just resubmit your mileage into the system and it will override what is currently inputted.

Right above the submit button there’s a LOG icon, click there and enter your BIB number to see your mileage logs.

Please make sure you are using the correct date for your mileage. This is not your DOB it is the day you are submitting the mileage for. It also has to be submitted in the correct format for example DD/MM/YYYY , for example correct format would be 06/07/2020, NOT 6/7/2020.

Please check your junk folder or spam as they sometimes land in here? Also, if you have not received any correspondence, it is possible that there was a typo in your email address. If you find our email in your spam please send us an email to say you have found it. If not please let us know your bib number, Full name and event you are taking part in and we will resend it for you and check that the details we have are correct.

No problem, all the links are on our website under maps, just choose the event you’re in and you will find your map. 

Search for your name and then click on the result. It will show you your pin on the map. To hide / show other contestants click on the “hide / show all markers”. To use 3D view drag and drop little yellow person to your location on the map.

That’s fine, you just need to submit the total mileage each day as 1 submission, if you submit more the system will only accept the last submission as the total.

Patience is a virtue :) Postcards are automatically sent after you’ve logged miles, it may take a few hours, if you haven’t received please make sure to check your Spam folder as sometimes they land there, also check your log to make sure all your miles are in, if there’s still no postcard please message us and we will resend it for you and check.

You can run and walk. We want to encourage people to keep active as much as possible.

All our events have different finishing dates, you can see the end date on your Welcome Email and on the map right above the submission fields.

Sometimes our emails land in the Spam folder, please make sure you check it and check the settings as well as sometimes it’s set to “delete spam automatically”, if there’s still no Welcome email please message us on [email protected] and we will resend it.

Your entry fee pays for usage on the innovative software we have along with google maps usage costs, medals, T-shirts, postage, General business costs like admin, technical issues, development and let’s not forget Mr tax man, VAT is included in the entry fee also along with ongoing development costs, hosting, marketing, spot prizes and other business related costs that allow us to deliver these fantastic events to you. If you chose to plant a tree instead of a T-shirt at the checkout we also pay Trees Not Tees to plant a tree for you too.