• Make sure your BIB is correct (This can be found by searching your name on the leaderboard)
  • Make sure your PIN is correct (Your PIN number is the 4 digits you used to sign up with. You can check this on your sign up email.)
  • Make sure the Date format is correct DD/MM/YYYY THIS IS NOT YOUR DATE OF BIRTH! This is the date of mileage you are submitting for.
  • Total Your mileage for each day (It will only accept the last submission as your total)
  • Results are updated instantly.
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Please Note: If you cannot find yourself on the map there may be a slight delay after signing. Please wait a while and check back later. Usually this is 30 minutes -1 hour but due to the volume of entries it could take up to 6 hours. Thanks for your patience.

IMPORTANT UPDATE 05/06/2021! – The route on your map has been updated due to some incorrect waypoints please refresh your browsers and clear your browsers cache to see the updated route map. If you do not see the map or get an error please do the above as it’s likely your browser is storing the old files. Thanks 

If you have trouble check your emails for information check our Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshoot or ask in the Facebook group, If you need to email please make sure you include your Name, Bib and Pin if you have these and the challenge you are in so it speeds up the process of replying and finding your information.