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Are you A World Record Breaker!

Thank you for taking part in the remote 5K World Record Attempt, To submit your mileage please fill in all the info in the form, If we have been successful in our attempt we will be in touch via email to let you know, Please don’t forget to add [email protected] to your address book to avoid emails landing in your spam folder.

Good Luck!

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Here are the rules!

  • Your activity must be done on the 4th September 2021 (anytime of the day)

  • Your evidence must show the date of your activity.

  • Your evidence must show the distance. (You can do more than 5K but not less)

  • You cannot use an elliptical trainer, cycle, swim or fitness classes. This is only Running or walking.

  • Your distance must be done on foot in 1 go (you can’t grab a cuppa half way through unless you’re going to run or walk with it)

  • Run if you can but if you have to walk a little this will also be accepted.

  • You have 7 days after the date to submit your evidence.

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